Murphy, Harrington Families Join Forces to Help Find Missing Teens

Nelson Co., VA - Family members of missing Nelson County teen Alexis Murphy are partnering with the family of Morgan Harrington to bring attention to missing person cases in central Virginia.

The campaign is called "Help Save the Next Girl."

Morgan Harrington disappeared from a concert in Charlottesville in October 2009.

Months later, her body was found, but her killer is still unknown.

Alexis Murphy was last seen on August 3 at a Lovingston gas station.

The Harrington's joined the Murphy's in Charlottesville over the weekend to highlight missing persons' cases throughout Central Virginia. Both families want answers for their own daughters' disappearances, but also in other missing persons' cases...

Samantha Clark of Orange County was last seen in 2010, and Charlottesville resident Dashad "Sage" Smith, 19 went missing in November of 2012.

Morgan Harrington's mother Gil says she won't stop until she gets answers.

"These young people deserve to be found and families reunited, some way. I want to know who killed Morgan Harrington and threw her out in the field," Harrington said.

With the efforts of the "Help Save the Next Girl" campaign, Harrington hopes to help find the missing teens.

Alexis Murphy's mother Laura says since her daughter's disappearance, people are being more vigilant.

"I hear a lot of people saying they are paying attention to their surroundings. Not even the kids, but the older people too, this has really made the community look at things differently," Laura Murphy said.

"Help Save the Next Girl" started locally in Central Virginia, but has since become a national nonprofit organization to promote media presence for missing people.