Murphy Family 'Devastated' Now That Alexis is Presumed Dead

Nelson Co., VA - Randy Taylor has now been charged with the murder of missing Nelson County teenager Alexis Murphy.

Taylor just appeared in court on the new charges.

Randy Taylor appeared cockier Monday than we've seen him, even speaking to members of the media as he walked in and out of the court room.

ABC 13 got video of Taylor just after he was served with four new indictments.

Taylor is now charged with the first-degree murder of Alexis Murphy, first-degree felony murder of Alexis Murphy during the commission of abduction, abduction of Alexis Murphy with intent to defile and another unrelated grand larceny charge.

A special grand jury returned the indictments after a secret meeting last Thursday.

Randy Taylor was originally scheduled to go on trial for abduction next month.

Monday, the Commonwealth agreed not to prosecute Taylor on that charge in favor of these more serious charges.

Alexis Murphy's family also attended Monday's court proceeding.

The Murphy family had a few words to say now that Alexis is presumed to be dead.

"Of course my family's devastated, I can't stand here and say that we're not. But, we're gonna stand in our faith in God and push through the next five months and have our day in court," Aunt Trina Murphy said.

Trina Murphy says she will be at every single court appearance that Taylor makes, reminding him of what he's taken.

Taylor's now scheduled to go on trial for the murder and abduction of Alexis Murphy May 1 through the May 14. His trial for grand larceny will be scheduled sometime after that.

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