Murphy and Harrington Families Join National Campaign

Lovingston, VA - The families of Murphy and Harrington were in Lovingston Friday afternoon as part of a tour called the Road to Remember, highlighting missing persons cases across the country.

Outside the Lovingston Cafe, in front of a swarm of television cameras, Gil Harrington stood next to Alexis Murphy's mother, calling them the families of the missing.

Alexis Murphy's disappearance and Morgan Harrington's unsolved murder are being spotlighted by the CUE Center for Missing Persons "On the Road to Remember" tour. The annual campaign highlights more than 100 missing or unsolved murders in nine different states.

"Everyone comes running when the person's found. This is the part that needs the support. The duration of the journey of being missing because you don't have answers," explained Monica Caison, the organization's founder.

Since 2009, 14 people in the mid-Atlantic region have gone missing or their murders unsolved.

Gil Harrington started the Save the Next Girl Campaign to keep those cases in the spotlight.

"There's a predator lurking around the periphery that is just looking to pick out the young, the slow, the weak. We don't want to give him that opportunity," Harrington said.

Alexis Murphy, who went missing August 3 from the Liberty Gas Station in Lovingston, would have been the captain of the girls volleyball team at Nelson County High school.

But instead of matching jerseys, the players wear pink T-shirts in hopes their missing teammate is found.

"Just to see the support, her volleyball team really means a lot," Laura Murphy said at Friday's event, choking back tears.

After the Lovingston event, "On the Road to Remember" tour headed to North Carolina to cover another missing person's case.

Murphy's family says the case to find Alexis is still active.

Randy Taylor, charged with the 17-year-old's abduction, is awaiting trial at the Albermarle County Jail.