Murphy Abduction Prompts Martial Arts Academy to Offer Free Female Self Defense Class

Lynchburg, VA - If all this news about abduction has you scared for your safety, or that of your family, listen up. A martial arts academy in Lynchburg is hosting a free hour long self-defense session, open only to women.

The owner of Renaissance Martial Arts says watching all the coverage of Alexis Murphy made him want to teach women how to avoid abduction situations.

So, on August 23rd from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., instructors will host a free gracie giu-gitsu class -- that's a style of martial arts that most closely resembles a real life attack -- to any woman who is interested.

"Gracie giu gitsu is phenomenal for getting away from someone twice your size. It addresses people grabbing you, trying to pull you somewhere, we're going to go specifically over that" said Jamie Ridgeway, the owner of Renaissance Martial Arts.

Space is limited, so you've got to call and reserve a spot. The class is open to woman of all ages; no prior experience or physical capabilities are required. If you're interested in participating, call (434)846-5425.