Murdered Man's Family Speak Out Against Suspects' Charges

Campbell Co., VA - The Campbell County man accused of stabbing his father-in-law to death is refusing to cut a plea deal. And that has the victims' family members upset.

Prosecutors offered Vincent Spinner a chance to plead guilty to a lesser offense. He did not accept. Now, he has been indicted for capital murder, second degree murder and robbery.

It is normally the other way around; family members get upset when there is a deal, but in an email from James Payne's daughter-in-law, she say she is "disappointed" to hear the charges the Commonwealth's Attorney is going for, saying they will now have to wait years for the trial and a verdict.

Vincent Spinner could now be eligible for the death penalty, but that does not erase what happened.

"All of this does not change the fact that my dad is gone," said Keith Payne, the son of James Payne.

Payne was the one who found his murdered father seven months ago. Although the pain still runs deep, he remains composed and collected.

"If you are asking me if we have anger against, Vincent? No. We are totally relying on the courts," said Payne. "As far as this case or the use of the death penalty, I have no problems with it, but I am not going to make that call."

Family expressed initial concern that the new charge will take months if not years to resolve. A chapter, they are eager to finally close.

"This is still an open wound for us and it's going to continue on until a final verdict," said Payne.

We reached out to the Campbell County Commonwealth's Attorney several times Monday, but our calls were not returned. The Payne family says they have a private meeting scheduled with Paul McAndrews in the coming weeks to iron details out about what the future may hold.