Murder For Hire Suspects Waive Preliminary Hearing

Angela Nolen

Rocky Mount, VA - The Franklin County Commonwealth's Attorney says he has been notified Angela Nolen and Cathy Bennett, both suspended staff members at Sontag Elementary School, will likely waive their preliminary hearing.

Commonwealth's Attorney, Tim Allen, says that a defense typically wants this hearing in an effort to get as much of an idea, as possible, about evidence stacked against a client.

In this case, Allen says, most of what the Commonwealth possesses has already come out during previous bond hearings - which is his guess as to why the defense has indicated it is waiving the hearing.

The evidence against Nolen includes a recorded transaction where Nolen allegedly gives an undercover State Police investigator half of the $8,000 promised for the hit.

Critical evidence against Bennett alleges the school nurse approached a third educator, at Sontag Elementary, about hiring that teacher's son to commit the killing.