Motorcycle Training Coordinator Gives Safety Tips

Lynchburg, VA- There have been several fatal motorcycle crashes this weekend in our viewing area.

ABC 13 told you about one Sunday involving a Blacksburg couple, and then another Saturday in Salem.

With all these crashes, we wanted to get a lesson in motorcycle safety. ABC 13 talked to the instructor of Central Virginia Community College's Motorcycle Training Program. He says the key is to be very attentive.

"You have to pay attention to all of your surroundings, especially when you are in a mix of traffic. And always anticipate that nobody's going to be able to see you or nobody's going to really recognize that you're there," said Dennis Phillips, Coordinator of CVCC's Motorcycle Training program.

As for motorcyclists and deer, Phillips says the best advice is to try to slow down, release your brakes, and then swerve to avoid the deer.