Mother of Missing Martinsville Man Speaks Out

Martinsville, VA - The mother, of a 23-year-old missing Martinsville man is speaking out.

Loresa Hunter says her son has left home before, but has never gone this long without contacting her.

Martavious Mease was last seen on June 7, walking away from his home on Yeatts Court in Martinsville.

His family began to panic when they hadn't heard a word from him. His mother says he suffers from depression. She's asking anyone who may know of his whereabouts to help him and to bring him home.

"If he needs some medical attention, please get it for him, if he needs anything. I'm pretty sure he's not eating right, he's not sleeping right, I just want him to get some help, or call somebody, please God, that's all I'm saying, is just keep him safe," said Hunter.

If you have any information on Martavious Mease, call the Henry County Sheriff's Office at 276-638-8751.