Mother & Daughter Hospitalized After Route 29 Accident in Amherst Co.

Update 6 p.m.:

Amherst Co., VA - Officials say they had the wrong information released on a press release earlier Thursday.

The daughter, Laura Morgan, is being treated at the hospital with UVA with serious injuries. Robin Morgan is being treated at Lynchburg General Hospital.


Amherst Co., VA - Officials say two people are being treated in the hospital after a crash on Route 29 southbound in Amherst County Wednesday afternoon.

The Amherst County Sheriff's Office says the driver of a minivan hit a parked tractor trailer that was stopped off the highway with emergency triangles out around 3:40 p.m. It happened .5 miles south of Route 130.

Officials say the driver of the minivan was Newlin Thomas Morgan, 65, from Bethesda, MD. They say he fell asleep and hit the tractor trailer.

His passengers were his wife and daughter: Robin Morgan, 54, and Laura Morgan, 24.

Officials say they were airlifted from the scene to Lynchburg General Hospital. Robin Morgan was later taken to University of Virginia Medical Center by helicopter for more care. Officials say she suffered serious injuries at the crash and remains in the hospital.

Officials say Laura Morgan is hospitalized at Lynchburg General Hospital with internal injuries.

No charges will be filed.