Mother And Daughter Transform Old Books Into Art Work

Danville, VA - Gone are the days where we do most of our research using books. Thanks to huge developments in technology, research that used to take hours is just a click away on the internet. One mother-daughter duo in our area is still making great use of books, however, turning them into sculptures.Barbara Lashley and Kim Sutliff from Roanoke began recycling old books about a year ago. The two said they have always been artistic but learned about the art of altered books at an art class. They decided to focus all their spare time on building a collection. The sculptures take anywhere from a couple hours to more than a month to make. Their collection called, Books End, is made up of more than fifty pieces.The art debuted at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History on Friday night. Children in our area also mirrored Lashley's and Sutliff's work. Friday they learned how to make their own book sculptures. The mother and daughter say it's all about being creative."We do a lot of tearing and folding and painting. People can't believe that I didn't glue anything. It's just all cut and folded and then painted. The fun part is making the books not look like books, and you so wow that was book!" the two said.Two other exhibits opened along with this one tonight.They will be at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History until August.