Mother and 2-year-old Son Escape Fiery Crash

Mallory Rambo says she was on her way back from buying Easter presents for her son when she was hit. At the time, Rambo didn't realize the impact of the crash -- it caused her to hit a telephone pole. Rambo's two-year-old son Rylan was in the backseat. "I've never seen a car smoke that bad, and the way it was smoking I was like I need to get out of here. I was really worried about my son breathing in the fumes and stuff" said Rambo. Rambo said her first thought was to get her and her son out of the car, but when she went to open her door it was stuck. "I climbed over to the passenger side and when I climbed over I quickly got my son out. As soon as I got my son out not even seconds later the car caught on fire" said Rambo. She says there were a few bystanders who rushed over to help them. "They were very helpful one lady held him for me because I was shaking real bad" said Rambo. She says since the accident Rylan is scared to go into his car seat and won't even go near a car. She also has reoccurring nightmares about the accident. "Just looking at the car it's amazing that I am still able to be here and that my son is still here" said Rambo. Rambo says she is thankful she was wearing her seatbelt which ultimately saved her life and allowed her to get her son out of the car. "I don't really have many people but I have my son and I care about him more than anything else" said Rambo.Mallory Rambo, her son and the other woman involved only suffered minor injuries. The 79-year-old driver is facing a failure to yield charge.