"Most Endangered" Pamplin Optimistic On Future

Preservation Virginia designated Pamplin as one of it's "Most Endangered" sites for 2014. LEN Now, the group and town officials are outlining their plans to bring their town back to life.Justin, and the rest of the Preservation Virginia team, praised the town's setup, saying there is "..This great 20th Century Streetscape, that is in tact, very evocative of a period."The addition to the Preservation Virginia's "Most Endangered", he says, will go a long way to preserving the town's future. While the designation doesn't come with grant money, Sarafin says it does open a lot of doors for the town. For instance, Sarafin notes that a listing on the National Register of Historic Places would make some of these commercial structures eligible for the use of Historic Preservation tax credits. Nearby, State Park officials are planning to expand the 31-mile High Bridge Trail into downtown Pamplin. Officials say that would make the town an excellent, recreational spot at the end of the trail. State Park Manager Reinhardt Grey says historic designations would bring more visitors to a park entrance in Pamplin. He continued, "People come, just like they come to visit Appomattox Courthouse, they come HERE, because of that designation." With this designation complete, officials now hope businesses come back to Pamplin, to help in rebuilding. Noted Sarafin, "People need to invest in it, have the confidence to want to invest in its economic redevelopment."
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