Morgan Harrington's Parents Trace Daughter's Last Steps

Morgan Harrington

Reporter: Sarah Bloom l Videographer: Todd Densmore

Albemarle Co., VA - One year ago Wednesday, investigators found the remains of 20-year-old Morgan Harrington.

After months of searching for the young woman, investigators found her body at Anchorage Farms in Albemarle County.

On Tuesday, Gil and Dan Harrington retraced their daughter's final hours and visited, for the first time, the exact spot where her body was found.

"I wanted to be in this place one time, just one time," said Morgan's mother, Gil Harrington, as she touched the earth where her daughter's body was found. "I had to be here and look and feel if there was anything here."

The Harringtons still don't know how their daughter's body got to the rural Albemarle County Farm- or who brought it there.

Investigators say Morgan's evening started out at a concert venue. All traces of her whereabouts disappeared at the Copely Road Bridge. Conditions were cold and misty that night. Investigators don't think Morgan Harrington had on much more than tights, boots, and a mini-skirt. Several witnesses reported seeing her at the bridge about 9:25 p.m. After that, investigators think that she got a ride, a ride they think may have eventually led to her death.

"She had no luck that night," said Dan Harrington, Morgan's Father. "No luck."

Investigators hope where Morgan's body was found might help them crack the case. They say the rural area would make it hard for just anyone to come without leaving evidence behind.

"This is a location where someone is going to come where they feel comfortable," said Special Agent Dino Paul Cappuzzo, with the Virginia State Police. "Where there is a low degree of stress involved in coming here."

It's a comfort investigators hope to break, as they continue to work the case, but a stress the Harringtons continue to feel until whoever did this is found.

"There was evil here and an evil man or men here who killed my daughter," said Gil Harrington. "We want them found and taken out of this society. Please, please help us do that."

Morgan's parents say they will not go back to the farm, but they say they need the community's help to find whoever is responsible. Investigators believe that person is still in the community.