More than $1 Million Appropriated for New Heritage HS

Lynchburg, VA - It's full steam ahead in the planning phase for a new Heritage High School.

Tuesday, Lynchburg City Council signed-off on appropriating almost $1.2 million from the city's Heritage High School fund to the capital improvement plan.

Administrators say the money will go directly to costs related to the initial phase of the project. Right now, it's being used to pay for property acquisition adjacent to the school, surveys of the land where construction will take place, and the cost of other pre-construction materials and analysis.

The appropriation passed almost unanimously.

Council Member Jeff Helgeson, vocal on his disapproval of building a new high school, voted against the measure.

"This is about taking one more step along that path that I think is the wrong path for our tax paying citizens that are already the fourth most fiscally stressed" said Helgeson.

Construction is expected to begin on the school sometime in 2014.