More Drivers Expected To Hit Road This Memorial Day Weekend

Danville, VA - More Americans are expected to hit the roads this holiday weekend, with a predicted post-recession high according to AAA. They estimate more than 36 million Americans will drive more than 50 miles away from home this year compared to 35.5 million last year. Before Michelle Hartley hits the road this weekend she made sure to hit the gas station. "We do our best to fill up here and try to make it back if we can," said Michelle Hartley, Danville resident. Hartley headed to North Carolina where she says the gas prices go way up. But according to AAA, nationally, you'll pay less at the pump this Memorial Day weekend than you have in years. While many people we talked to plan to stay home, some folks like Jean Dallas head out right away."As soon as I can get my gas and take off," said Dallas. Dallas and Hartley both plan their trips around traffic. And as drivers pack the roads this weekend so will police. Trooper William Davis says state police will have 25% more patrol officers on the road."Our troopers are out in full-force this Memorial Day weekend and we are enforcing all traffic laws," said Davis. Davis says the number one reason drivers would likely hear this is speeding. But Davis says troopers will be on the lookout for all traffic violations including drunk driving and texting while driving.It takes literally thousands of screws and bolts to hold a car together but it only takes one nut to scatter them all over the road," said Davis.According to, the lowest price for gas in our viewing area is at the Sam's Club in Roanoke.