More Danville Deputies To Carry Tasers

Danville, VA - More Danville Deputies will be carrying tasers around within the next week.

Last year, two officers started working with tasers and now they have 30 more, thanks to the police department.

Before, deputies would use mace to control hostile situations, especially in jail. Often, however, the deputy would become exposed to the mace too. The addition of tasers will help the deputies control a situation more effectively.

Major Matthew Wyatt was one of 14 of the Danville Sheriff's Department's Special Response Team members who went through training last week. Before he and the rest of the team carry it, they each wanted to experience it.

"If you are going to use it, to me you want to know what the subject is going through while they are using it," said Wyatt.

Until now, only two Danville deputies were qualified to carry a taser. One of them, Deputy Jonathan Taylor, says he hasn't even had to use it to see its success, just the threat of pulling the trigger has proven to stop someone in their tracks.

"I think a lot of people respect them. The most people that know about them they understand what it is about and usually people comply," said Taylor.

With the addition of more deputies armed with tasers, each shift will now have at least one present. And they say that should help control hostile situations even better, especially in jail, where inmates have become very aware of them.

"Right now most of them, they know who has it and who doesn't and once they see that this kind of spread a little bit, I think it should change things a little more than what it is now," said Taylor.

The 14 deputies will start carrying the tasers within the next few days, and the department eventually hopes that all of their deputies will be trained and carrying tasers.