Moonshiners Star Talks About Operation West, Texas

Danville, VA - A local celebrity is going the distance to help after the tragedy in Texas. Tim Smith, from the show Moonshiners, is also a Chief at the Climax Volunteer Fire Department.

So, when he saw the fertilizer plant explosion, he says it hit home. In fact, Smith tells us they seemed to follow procedure and he would have done the same thing, so it could have easily been them.

So, Smith left Monday with an RV to drive thirteen hundred miles to West, Texas. He is making stops along the way to bring fire equipment and money to donate. So far, they have filled up the RV and have collected $80,000 worth of goods to bring them.
"We all are just a brotherhood here and I feel like we are neighbors even though we are 1300 miles apart. My heart goes out to the loss of those firefighters and their families and what has happened in that community," said Smith.
If you want to help, go to