Monument Terrace Vets Against Action in Syria

Lynchburg, VA - President Obama's plan for a military strike on Syria received no support from some military veterans in Lynchburg. Those veterans were gathered Friday for the weekly Monument Terrace Troop Rally.

"Stay out of there. We don't need another war. We don't need another battle," said Jerry Bowles, a Korean War veteran.

"Hell no," said Steve Bozeman, a Vietnam veteran. "We don't need to be going anywhere where we're going to be having potential troops on the ground of even if it's just a missile going over there."

Vietnam Vet Steve Bozeman already suspects the government has troops secretly on the ground in Syria. Bozeman doesn't buy the argument that if the US gets in the middle of that nation's civil war it will be by air assault only.

"Suppose the aircraft gets shot down. They're going to send troops in to get that aircraft, get the airmen out of there," said Bozeman.

Jerry Bowles is one of five brothers from Bedford County who served. His son, son-in-law and grandson also served.

"Some of these guys have pulled four and five tours in Afghanistan. You're worn out with one," said Bowles. "You cannot compete as a warrior if you're worn out."

It's week number 613 for the troop rally. The veterans have gathered here since we sent forces to Afghanistan in 2001. They say they'll be out there as long as it takes, but don't want their tour extended by another conflict.

"I don't think we need to spend another American life doing anything over there," said Bozeman.

"What are we accomplishing? We've got to stop being policemen for the world," said Bowles.