Monument Terrace Gets Own Brochure

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Dan Heffner

Lynchburg, VA - The Monument Terrace memorial in Lynchburg has a lot of history, and now that past is on full display in black and white.

Brand new brochures tell the story of Monument Terrace. You can grab a brochure of your own near the monument, at City Hall, the Visitor's Center and Community Market. It has photographs and fun tidbits about the monument's 11 markings.

For example, bet you didn't know that the monument had several fountains over its lifetime. And at one time, the great staircase had no stairs at all.

"It started as a series of dirt paths. When the town built the first court up here on this hill, immediately there was this need - how do you get up and down these steep hills? So, there used to be these dirt paths that criss-crossed down the hills," said Doug Harvey, director of the Lynchburg Museum.

If you've ever walked up Monument Terrace, you are well aware there are 132 steps to get to the top.