UPDATE: Monroe Man to Spend More Than Five Years Behind Bars for Burning Child

UPDATE: A Monroe man who intentionally burned a 2-year-old will spend 6 years and 8 months behind bars. A sentence that both the Commonwealth's Attorney and family of the child are satisfied with. 21-year-old Anthony Seawell was charged with malicious wounding and felony child abuse in December. Doctors say the 2-year-old girl suffered second degree burns on both sides of her left arm. The doctor who testified at his trial said it could've only happened if someone intentionally took a flat iron and clamped it on the child's arm. Today, we heard from a family friend of Seawell's who testified. He said that he saw the child recently and she no longer has physical marks on her arm. However, pictures taken of her arm soon after the incident and then again during the preliminary hearing paint a different picture. In the pictures, the child has an imprint that the hot flat iron plates left. Seawell's attorney says he was watching the child on December 6th, as he normally would. The family friend said Seawell and the baby's mother had plans to find a place together. What the Commonwealth's attorney says is most disturbing about this incident is that nothing provoked Seawell to burn the child. The Commonwealth's attorney says both she and the family are satisfied with the judge's sentence. Seawell also has a child and was trying to get supervised visitation rights before he was arrested in December. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Amherst Co., VA - A Monroe man who intentionally burned a toddler will spend more than five years behind bars.On Tuesday, Anthony Seawell was sentenced to 20 years on a malicious wounding charge with 17 years suspended. He will serve three years on that charge. Seawell was sentenced to 10 years on a felony child abuse charge with seven years, two months suspended. Seawell will serve two years and 10 months on that charge. In total, he got five and a half years behind bars.Seawell was convicted on two counts of malicious wounding and felony child neglect.According to the Commonwealth's Attorney, the evidence showed Seawell intentionally took a flat iron and clamped it on the toddler's left forearm.After his release, Seawell will spend five years on probation.