Moneta Store Owner's Road to Recovery: Bob Terry a Year Later

Moneta, VA- For many in one small Moneta community, this is a day they will never forget. Monday October 1, 2012 marks the one year anniversary of a brutal beating of country store owner Bob Terry was robbed, and beaten so badly his family thought he wouldn't survive.

This month, Terry will face his accused attacker Jason Andrew Shell in court. Shell is charged with assault and robbery charges.

After being banged up and beaten. One would think the anniversary of Bob Terry's bloody beating would haunt him. But, Terry says now it is just another day.

"I haven't really thought about it really," said Terry.

Terry had just closed up his country corner store like he did every night. Then investigators say Jason Shell ambushed him.

"This guy came out from behind the dumpster and at the same time he was pulling down his mask," said Terry.

Deputies say Shell attacked Terry, took his wallet, and left him for dead.

"It's a usual thing. I guess I feel lucky," said Terry.

The beating took Terry away from his store for months while he recovered. But, one thing he wouldn't let it take away was his joy. When you're around Terry you will often see him smile, hear him laugh, and see a man who has clearly moved on.

"I don't know it just don't bother me that much. It's an incident that happened. You get over it and go on," said Terry.

This month, Terry will come face-to-face with his accused attacker. He hopes Shell will go away from a long time, but he does not care for much else.

"I don't care to say anything to him whatever I said it wouldn't make a difference," said Terry.

Terry says he loves his store so much he wouldn't dream of stopping because of the beating. He has made some changes though. Terry now opens his store later and closes earlier. Shell is scheduled to stand trial October 16th.