Moneta Man Killed on Route 24

Bedford Co., VA - Yet another deadly car wreck Thursday, on Route 24 in Bedford County.

The family of the driver did not want to be interviewed. However they said he lived in Bedford County and drove Route 24 regularly; a road that has proven to be very deadly this year.

And many residents say they've had enough.

State Police notified the family of 60-year-old Dale Ridgeway from Moneta that he died instantly, when his green Mustang convertible, flipped coming around this curve on Route 24.

The father of two and grandfather was a veteran driver of the road and wasn't wearing a seat belt.

In just the past month, Ridgeway has become the fourth fatality on the dangerous stretch.

"We've been having a lot of tragedy here lately in this county. It's scary really, 24 is" said Bedford County resident, James English.

"It's sad, I mean, like I said, it doesn't matter whether it's a teenager, or whether it's an older person or whatever, lives are being lost" said resident, Debbie Catrom.

The three others killed on route 24 recently, were all teenagers.

"Lives that could possibly still be very well today. Something needs to be done" said Catrom.

Drivers of Route 24 know its twists and turns, coupled with speed and in-attention can be deadly.

"I don't know if there's one easy answer. It's a possibility they could make the road wider, it's a possibility they could lower the speed limit some" said county resident Todd Sprouse.

"I call it the Stewartsville 500. Nobody wants to drive the speed limit down through here" said Catrom.

"People need to focus and concentrate on what they're doing at the time" said Sprouse.

Police have not released the cause of Ridgeway's crash. The first recent deadly teenage wreck was due to the driver failing to yield a right of way, the other involved a deer.