Moneta Holds Vigil for Beloved Corner Grocer

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Parker Slaybaugh

Moneta, VA - Moneta came together Monday to pray for a beloved elderly man hospitalized after someone beat him severely outside his store.

Bloodied and beaten, Bob Terry, 80, knocked on two doors Saturday night before he could get help. Terry eventually made it to the hospital, where he still is in critical condition. Officials say a lot of the damage was to his face.

Monday evening, Moneta prayed for his safe return home.

Bob Terry's face is one most everyone in Moneta recognizes. He owns the corner grocery store, and neighbors say he treated every customer like family. Terry's customers packed his corner grocery parking lot Monday with candles and prayers - a small token for a man who's give so much.

"This was one way for all of us to express our gratitude for the things he's done for us," said Valerie Holdren.

Valerie Holdren and Kelly Smith organized the vigil. For them, Terry and his store are one of those unforgettable childhood memories.

"When school let out, and you were able to drive, you went to Bob's to get you a snack after school. He's always been here and I can't imagine him not being here," said Smith.

Neighbors say Terry would close up his shop around 9 p.m. every Saturday and go home. But, this Saturday night Terry never made it home.

Officials say the suspect beat Terry, took his wallet and fled on foot. Neighbors say Terry crawled across the road to the Moons' house looking for help, but Cathy Moon wasn't home.

"We found out when we had pulled in to our driveway that night that had happened. We were just in complete shock," said Moon.

Terry then tried the McMillion house next door. Fortunately, they were home and dialed 911.

"If someone would've asked him for something, he would've given it to them. You didn't have to beat him for it," said Smith.

At the vigil, one speaker said, "no matter how evil the world may seem, there's a lot more good in this world." And customers say Bob Terry has done a lot of good.