Mommy Monday: Summer Stress

Reporter: {}Danner Evans l {}Videographer: Daniel Heffner

Lynchburg, VA - You know the old saying, "The lazy days of summer?" That means nothing to a lot of parents because there is nothing lazy about this time of year.

School is out, you're worried about keep the kids busy during the day and then you are running them around to all of the activities.

To remain the super mom or dad that you area, experts say you need to make sure to take some time out for yourself too.

On a rainy summer day it's tough for mom and business owner Kasey Forehand to juggle the kids.

"She's here with me at the store today until noon and then we are going on a play date," Forehand said. "The first 2 weeks there are no real camps and that's like the scramble to get them to do something."

When parents like Kasey scramble -- their stress level goes up.

"It's a little bit harder," Forehand admitted.

But licensed counselor Melisa Stone said it's crucial for parents to take a moment for themselves.

"I think for a lot of folks when they have children at home 24 hours a day it can be really, really difficult, "If we are really stressed we tend to be short with our children, we aren't able to tolerate some of their behaviors that we would be able to manage in a much healthier way if we are managing our stress effectively."

Stone suggested setting up play dates and switching off days with other parents so you can have some alone time. She also suggested asking your older children to take one some responsibility -- like cleaning a room or emptying the trash.

"So that it gives you a break managing that so when you have time together you can enjoy that time then thinking about all the things you need to do," Stone said.

Forehand said she is managing the summer stress one day at a time.

"Yeah, I'm trying," Forehand said. "We have a girl's night that allows us to escape. I have a very supportive husband. That's helpful. We tag team with each other."

So the whole family can enjoy a little bit of summer vacation.

If you are looking to get the kids out of the house --there are lots of summer camps in the region you can sign them up for.

For instance-- Lynchburg's Parks and Rec department offers everything from traditional arts and crafts, to a camp devoted to learning about law and democracy... and another focused on the customs and culture of Lynchburg.

The 4H at Holiday Lake State Park in Appomattox County lets your kids stay for a week!

And the YMCA offers a variety of summer camps too.