Mommy Monday: Playground Safety

Reporter: {}Danner Evans l {}Videographer: {}Brian Whitesell

Lynchburg, VA - The weather is warming up and the playgrounds are filling up with kids.{}But so are the emergency rooms.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 200,000 children are treated for playground accidents and 15 children die from those injuries.

You don't have to be scared though -- just keep a few things in mind before your family goes out to play.

It's a sign spring has sprung -- kids climbing, swinging and sliding to their hearts content.{}But like a lot of parents, Craig Scott keeps an eye on his daughter Paige.

"She loves the playground. She loves to climb" Scott said. "We try to (watch her) but getting hurt, it is a part of growing up."

No one knows that better than Lynchburg General ER doctor Bill Moore.

"When the weather warms up we start to see a lot more injuries," Moore said. "We see a fair number of monkey bar injuries. Kids tend to fall just from height."

There's another surprising culprit.

A doctor at Winthrop University Hospital found that nearly 14 % of leg fractures treated over an 11 month period were caused by toddlers riding down the playground slides on an adult's lap.

Apparently the force of your weight behind a child can end up breaking a kids' leg if it gets caught while sliding down.

It may be better to give your kids some freedom, but that's doesn't mean you should let them have free reign.

"I think adult supervision is key," Moore said. "Also the type of clothing you wear on playground equipment as long as there are no lose clothing or string hanging free that can catch up on something else."

Advice fathers like Scott will take to heart while letting his little girl just be a kid.

"If she is in trouble we'll help but we see what she can do on her own," Scott said.

There are a couple of other common injuries they see at the Lynchburg General ER that you may want to think about.

Moore said trampolines send a lot of kids his way. He also says there are still a lot of kids who don't wear a bike helmet, so he sees those kinds of head injuries.{}