Mommy Monday: How Bad Are These Germs?

Reporter: Danner Evans l Videographer: Brian Whitesell

Lynchburg, VA - When you have a child, your inner-germaphobe is realized. From a dog lick to the pacifier hitting the ground, we're finding out if you need to be worried about some of the most-feared germ situations.

First up, when your child has an accident in the tub. Haley Evans with the Lynchburg Health Department said urine is sterile - so it's okay.

Also a little poop contains your child's own organisms that he already has in his intestines, so said you don't need to worry about him getting ill.

But if your child has an open cut or sore it could get infected -- so be sure to clean trouble spots well.

When it comes to the dog licking your child, experts at said the dirtiest mouth -- and the one you are most likely to catch an infection from -- is a human mouth.

There is a small chance that a dog could transmit bacteria to your child, which can cause diarrhea, but it's not likely.

Sippy cups are just a part of growing up, but how gross is it to leave drinks in a cup for days? said the risk your child could get sick is generally low.

To be safe, dump unfinished milk and don't let any cup with juice or water sit longer than 24 hours.

What about when your child's pacifier drops on the floor? Evans said to clean it every time with soap and water.

"And please parents don't stick it in your adult mouth and then in the baby's mouth," Evans said. "As adults we have adult types of bacteria and we don't want to introduce those to the child."

You should even put the pacifier and other plastic toys in the dishwasher once a week to kill bacteria.

The best line of defense against germs for you kids is a good old fashioned hand washing. Evans said it is the VERY best way to keep those icky germs at bay.