Mommy Monday: Cloth Diapers

Reporter: {}Danner Evans l Videographer: {}Brian Whitesell

Lynchburg, VA - There are a whole lot of decisions you have to make when you have a baby-- from the way you feed them to the kind of diaper you put on them.

While disposable diapers are convenient, some parents like Emily Wasson and Jessica Reagan think cloth diapers are the way to go, and they have a whole list of reasons why.

"I hadn't thought about it before I had kids because my memory of cloth diapers was my mom with pins," Wasson said. "It wasn't very pretty."

But Jane Bradshaw at Best Start Parenting in Lynchburg said this ain't your mother's cloth diaper.

"I used cloth diapers on my children and we had pins and rubber pins. The new cloth diapers are cute, some of them have snaps or Velcro," Bradshaw said.

"I was surprised that I really enjoyed it and it wasn't that difficult and saved us a ton of money," Wasson explained.

"Most people spend $2,000- $3,000 per child buying disposables," Bradshaw said. "Where you could use cloth diapers and spend $400- $500 and diaper all 2,3, 4 of your children."

"We are on baby number two in cloth diapers and I have bought not a single cloth diaper for this baby," Reagan said.

That's just one of the reasons why Bradshaw said she sells a lot of cloth diapers at Best Start Parenting in Lynchburg.

"There are chemicals in them," Bradshaw said. "Chemicals in disposable diapers that are not in feminine hygiene products. People are thinking how many tons of diapers are going in the landfill and they do not disappear quickly."

Bradshaw even teaches a cloth diapering class to show parents how easy it is.

"There are ways to adjust and you get used to it like everything else. Kids are messy, there is no way around that," Reagan said.

In honor of Earth Day, Best Start Parenting is taking part in the Great Cloth Diaper Change on Saturday April, 21 at noon. The store is located at 2900 Old Forest Road.

They're joining groups around the world hoping to break the record for most cloth diapers changed at one time.

They'd love for you to join, plus they'll be teaching a class on cloth diapers at 11:30 a.m. and 1 {}p.m. You need to register at 434-384-MAMA or on their website.