Mommy Monday: Child Safety Seats

Reporter: {}Danner Evans l Videographer: Daniel Heffner

Lynchburg, VA - Every day we lose four to five children in car crashes. It's the number one killer of our kids in America.

The child safety seat in your car is the best line of defense in keeping your child alive, yet most of us are completely untrained when it comes to putting one in. This includes parents like Katherine Campbell.

"We just switched her from an infant seat to a bigger car seat," Campbell said.

So Campbell brought her car to the experts with the Lynchburg Fire and Police Departments to make sure little Maelyne's seat is in right.

Officer Steve Saxon with Lynchburg Police is just one of the trained eyes at this safety seat check point.

"Initially we're looking to make sure the seat is the appropriate seat for the child as far as age and weight," Saxon said.

According to -- one of the biggest mistakes parents make is not having one of these professionals install the child safety seat.

They have a big check list.

"Most important thing you want to look at is make sure the seat doesn't slide more than an inch from side to side or front to back," Saxon said. "That will tell you that you have the seat tight enough."

Saxon also suggested you read the owner's manual to the safety seat and your car.

"Depending on the features the car has will depend on how the seat is installed," Saxon said.

Also, make sure your child's seat is facing the right direction.

"It's very important that at least until the age of 2 you want to make sure the child is in the rear seats and facing backward."

Campell is ready to hit the road with Maelyne now knowing her precious cargo is protected in back.

"I definitely feel a lot safer and confident in her car seat now that I know it's installed correctly," Campbell said.

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