Mommy Monday by Danner Evans

When it's time to blog, I always wonder what to write about. My life is not particularly interesting. I like to run, I like to fish and hike, I like to cook, I like to watch all of the 24 hour news channels (I know pathetic.) But my biggest passion is my role as a mother. So, more often than not that's what I find myself thinking about when it comes time to type out a blog.

No one could have prepared me for motherhood. There are things that are natural - like the instantaneous love you have for your child, or the mamma bear mentality where you would jump in front of whatever might harm your little one without even thinking about it.

Then there are the things you learn. From the very beginning the lessons start: how to comfort, how to feed, how to teach. I started reading books as soon as I found out I was pregnant.

"What to Expect When You're Expecting" became my go-to for all of my questions. This was new, unchartered territory. For a perfectionist, that is hard to handle. Then I got Luke home from the hospital and figured out quickly all of the babysitting in the world was just a warm up for having your very own.

A lot of knowing what to do as a parent comes with just figuring out what works for your family, but in a day and age when the internet is the information super highway for all things "mommy," someone has advice for you. {}There is a so much to digest it's enough to make your head spin.

Ouch, mine just did that exorcist thing just thinking about it (no split pea soup though.)

The other day I was thinking that there have to be other moms and dads out there looking for good advice. That's when I started talking to my ABC 13 News at 5 producer, Ashton, about doing a weekly segment where we find a hot parenting topic and get the best advice on it.

That's when we came up with Mommy Monday.

From health, to education, discipline and just ideas to help us do our jobs as parents better, we are going to dig in deep and find some advice and answers. We'll start your week off with a story, maybe give you some insight to get through to the weekend.

Mommy Monday starts March 12 and we promise to bring you coverage you parents can count on when it comes to family life.

An added plus for me? I'll be learning right along with you.