Mold Closes Point of Honor Visitors Center

Lynchburg, VA - The gift shop at the Point of Honor Museum has mold on the ceiling, and they need a company to clean it up before the museum hosts a big event soon.

A visit to Point of Honor typically starts at the Carriage House. It's a visitor's center and gift store. But, an outbreak of mold has closed up shop.

"The meeting room is where we found the most," said Jerry Kelly, the general building maintenance supervisor for Lynchburg Public Works.

Kelly in charge of getting rid of the mold. But this mold spread and spread fast - staff say overnight. It speckles the walls, the vents and even a storage closet.

Kelly has a theory why the mold spread in just 24 hours: leftover moisture from air conditioning work, coupled with the outside temperature dropping created a perfect environment.

"With this one, the conditions seemed to be just right at the right time, and the mold grew," said Kelly.

The timing is bad. Day at the Point, a big fall festival at the museum, is coming up October 6. The staff want their gift shop and visitor's center back in time.

"We are optimistic that we are going to get this cleaned up, taken care of, get this building certified safe for workers and visitors on October 6," said Kelly.

The staff hopes the mold will be gone by Day at the Point. But if it's not, they have a back-up plan.

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