Mobile Vet Clinic Helping Southside Pets

Danville, VA - A new veterinary clinic is trying to make it easier for your pets to get care.

Dr. Christine Frenzel started a mobile clinic a few months ago that will bring a doctor to your doorstep.

Dr. Frenzel is based in North Carolina but she now travels here to Danville and Pittsylvania County. This is the first of its kind in the Southside and she hopes it will make a big difference.

From an x-ray machine to a surgery table to a refrigerator full of vaccines, nothing seems out of the ordinary about this veterinary clinic, but it does have an unusual addition: wheels.
"People just love it," said Frenzel.
Frenzel worked as a vet for years at a local clinic. She quickly realized that bringing pets to the office sometimes became a challenge, like for Elizabeth Barfield's cats.
"I have two cats that do not travel well. One is young and gets sick in the car every time," said Barfield.
Frenzel filled a need by customizing the mobile clinic.
"I honestly probably didn't go to the vet as much as maybe I wanted to take my pets just because traveling and transporting the cats was a lot of stress," said Barfield.
Now Frenzel can help out local cats and dogs with just the start of engine.
"Almost everything you can do at a regular clinic you can do here, and we do it in your driveway," said Frenzel.
Frenzel's hours stay flexible, she can be open whenever needed.
"It's much more convenient, we work evening hours and weekend hours so we don't have to interrupt your entire day," said Frenzel.
"The convenience has really made a big difference in us providing care," said Barfield.
With over 200 patients already, Frenzel hopes more animals will get much needed treatment delivered right to their doorstep.
Frenzel typically stays within a 50 mile radius of her North Carolina home, but she says she would be willing to travel further if she is needed.