Mobile Computer Forensic Lab Coming to Bedford Co.

Bedford Co., VA - The Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force plans to use a portion of a state grant to buy a mobile computer forensic lab.

Bedford Co., VA - The Bedford County Sheriff's Office is set to receive more than $500,000 from the Virginia Attorney General's Office, in an asset forfeiture grant. That money is taken from criminals.

The $180,000 mobile lab will be based at the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force headquarters in Bedford County. Investigators can deploy it anytime and anywhere they execute a search warrant, allowing instant evidence analysis on the scene.

"It's the difference between coming back to the Bedford County Sheriff's Office with 300-500 pieces of evidence, which need to be looked at or coming back with maybe 50 pieces," said Sheriff Mike Brown. "It speeds up the investigation. When you're talking about speeding up an investigation, in this arena, the child sexual predator, missing child, whatever, time is of the essence."

Another $245,000 of the grant will provide ballistic vests to 500 officers across the Commonwealth as part of the "Protecting the Protectors" program.

The remainder of the grant will buy 30 new computers and specialized camera lenses.

The Bedford County Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on whether to accept the grant money at its Monday meeting.