Mitt Romney's Son Campaigns in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Craig Romney, the youngest of Mitt Romney's five sons, was campaigning for his father in Lynchburg Thursday.

He spent time stomping for your voice your vote at the Lynchburg Republican headquarters.

But this Romney wants to stay out of the political arena. He said he's just here to help his dad win the white house, spread his message, and give a fatherly face to a man many have seen as removed from the mainstream.

"It's been a privilege to travel all over the country on behalf of my dad," said Craig Romney to a packed Lynchburg republican campaign headquarters.

"I taught school for 30 years, and I think the apple doesn't fall far from the tree," said Bob Jean, a Romney supporter.

Craig Romney, shared a personal side of his dad, the presidential politician, "We actually drove by a Staples on the way in here. He was actually there stocking the shelves at the first Staples store," said Romney of his dad.

Mitt Romney supporters came out to hear his son, say why Mitt is the man for the presidency. He touched on his economic policies, his time as Governor, and CEO of Bane. But of all his dad's accomplishments, he says at least one still lies ahead.

"I think his greatest achievements they still await him, and you guys know where that is, they await him in the White House. And with your help we're going to make that happen," said Romney.

We asked Craig Romney the question that was begging to be answered, "'What's it like being Mitt Romney's son?' Right now, it's pretty amazing," he replied.

Craig Romney says from a young age his dad acted as an example. And when he took the stage with him at the RNC he knew the road ahead would not be easy. But he never thought his Dad would be made an example of.

"It's tough to see people criticize your dad, but it comes with the territory. You know what you're getting into in presidential politics and you just have to have thick skin," said Romney.

"I'm tremendously proud of my Dad. He's come a long way and like I said, I think his greatest accomplishments still await him in the white house."

Craig said he gets to talk to his dad about once a week, and they never mention politics. With regard to his Dad's controversial comment that 47% of Americans consider themselves victims; he said he knows if elected, his dad will do a great job in representing 100% of the country.