Mitt Romney's Last Minute Push in Lynchburg

Campbell Co., VA - With just hours until the polls open, the message from the presidential candidates is to get out and vote.

Mitt Romney stopped at Virginia Aviation in Campbell County Monday, which was the second stop in Central Virginia in the last five days.

The biggest message from Romney is about jobs. Governor Romney says the president's making excuses, but he has a plan.

"Did Obamacare create new jobs?" he asked the crowd Monday morning.

"No!" the crowd responded.

"Did his war on coal, oil and gas create new jobs?" he asked again.


It's all about promises and experience. Romney says he built a business, saved the Olympics, and created a surplus in Massachusetts.

"The president thinks more government is the answer. More jobs - that's the answer for America," he said.

Liberty University students turned out to hear the governor. For many college students, the job market is scary.

"I need to be able to go in to the field and be employed. With Obama, I just don't see that happening," said Andrew Chiricosta, LU student.

In 2008, Obama swept the college vote. Logan Wolford is pre-med at LU; Obamacare makes him queasy.

"Obviously, financially, it's not a good thing for anyone in the medical field. It's going to tear the rug beneath our feet," he said.

Romney says the same. But for Democrats, Obamacare is not a dirty word, it's a point of pride.

"Pre-existing conditions. I mean America's got a heart. We ought to take care of those kind of problems," said Dick Cranwell, former chair, House of Delegates.

Romney's platform includes energy independence, boosting trade, labeling China a currency manipulator, retraining workers, and cutting spending.

The former governor from Massachusetts says he'll be a President for all Americans.

"I'll bring people together. I won't just represent one party, I'll represent one nation," he said.

No matter who you want to win, one thing is for sure: Both candidates are campaigning hard for this office. Just Monday, Romney is as far North as New Hampshire and far South as Florida.