Missing Man Found Dead in Salem Creek

Salem, VA - Salem investigators say the body of a man found yesterday afternoon in a creek is that of a Salem man who had been missing since the July 4.

The coroner's office officially identified Edward Clark, 54, Tuesday.

The determination came down Tuesday evening and was of little surprise as officials had earlier released the name as the likely victim.

Investigators got a call Sunday afternoon from a family living along Dry Run reporting that Clark hadn't been seen since July 4.

At that time, Clark had been doing yard work near where the normally trickle of a creek was a raging river.

Rescue workers eventually did locate a body about a half mile downstream, just past the Fourth Street Bridge, which has since been identified as Clark.

Experts say it takes just two inches of water to knock an adult off their feet and just six inches of water to wash away a vehicle.

Flash flooding accidents can happen as quickly as the water rises with very tragic results.

"That's all it takes... when you have current with that water; with the force of the water, it can easily take somebody off their feet and once they are off their feet it can sweep them away," said Salem Deputy Fire Chief John Prilliman.

Last week, a Buchanan man also drowned after getting caught in fast moving water.

As investigators continue looking into Clark's death, one theory they are looking at is that a portion of the creek bank was undercut and may have given way as Clark stood nearby.