Missing Bison Found & Shot in Campbell County

Courtesy Melrose Bison Farm

Campbell Co., VA - Farm owners say the bison that had been missing for two weeks was found and shot Friday night.

Mike Morris, the owner of Melrose Bison Farm, says the rogue bull was found on Mohawk Road by Long Island Road around 8 p.m. He says Hugh Williams, who works at the farm, shot the bison.

Morris says the bison ran away from the farm in Gladys on July 6. He says the bull traveled about 6 miles.

Morris also says there was no alternative to shooting him because tranquilizers aren't always reliable with bison.

"He was a good bull. I hate to see him go, but the most important thing is human safety. We didn't want him to cause an accident," said Morris.

The meat was processed, but the farm cannot sell it. Morris says it will be kept for personal use.

This is what the farm owners posted on Facebook:

"Just to update everyone. The rogue bull was found last night on Mohawk Rd. As much as we hated to do it, we had to put him down. Thanks to Hugh E Williams for his unwavering aim. There was no alternative, as he could have caused a terrible accident to anyone encountering him in a field or on the road. There was no way to tranquilize him and transport him, as tranquilizers are very unpredictable with animals like this.

Thank you for all your concerns and helpful comments. We all wished for a happier ending, but human safety comes first!"