Missing Bayonet Recovered in James River

Photo: Lynchburg Police Department

Lynchburg, VA - The Doughboy Statue's missing piece will be returned. Divers with the State Police recovered the brass bayonet in the James River Friday morning.

It was discovered in 15 feet of water underneath the pedestrian bridge over Snowden/Balcony Falls.

That's not far from where Jessica McCrickard told police she threw it back in September.

"Once I passed the pile on, I saw what appeared to be something metal on the bottom or wood. And when I went and picked it up, it happened to be a bayonet," said Sr. Trooper Andrew Trombley.

"Stay off our veteran's monuments. And treat them with respect," said Det. Jonathan Bragg with the Lynchburg Police Department.

McCrickard is facing up to 12 months in jail, charged with petit larceny and defacing a monument.

Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Doucette says she's hired an attorney to represent her, and they're still in the process of setting a trial date.