Miss Virginia Eager To Get To Work

Roanoke, VA - Less than two days after what she describes as a surprise win, Miss Virginia 2014, Courtney Garrett, said she is ready to get on with her work.

The Pamplin native took home the crown during Saturday night's event in Roanoke.

She told us that while winning is a major achievement it is what she gets to do with the win that is most important to her.

Garrett calls the platform she will pursue, "Defining Disabilities".

She says it is something near and dear to her, because her brother deals with such hurdles.

"I try to keep that a constant reminder in my head always and so as soon as the crown hit my head I was excited (and) I thought about Miss America then instantly his face came in my mind and I said, 'That's why you do what you do and this year is going to be great for him," said Garrett.

Garrett said she has already moved into her new apartment in Roanoke and is eager to get on with her work and preparing for the Miss America pageant which is scheduled for September 14th.