Miller Park Pool Hosts Paws In The Pool

Lynchburg, Va- Many area dog-owners and their dogs came out to Miller Park pool Saturday/

They all came out for Paws in the Pool, one of the Lynchburg Dog Park's largest fundraisers. This is the third year Miller Park Pool has opened for the dogs after it's closed for the season to the public. The event was in question earlier this morning due to rain, but organizers say they figured they would get wet anyway-- so why cancel?

"The dogs obviously don't care, they're having a fantastic time and I think the owners are too and really I think this speaks to the relationship that people have with their dogs, they wanna come out and have a good time as well," said Steve Smallshaw who is on the board for the Lynchburg Dog Park.

It cost 20 dollars to participate. Organizers say the proceeds will go to improving the Dog Park. There are plans to add benches, water fountains, and a gazebo.