Mill Mountain Zoo Shows Off Two New Red Panda Cubs

Roanoke, VA - A new pair of red panda cubs are being shown early because one of the cubs needs special care after his mother abandoned him.

The Mill Mountain Zoo staff is going to great lengths to keep "Archibald" alive as he is part of their Species Survival Plan.

Archibald was born in June, with his sister Beatrix Kiddo, but was ignored by his mother.

Zoo staff stepped in, using a set plan, and have been raising the cub ever since.

The plan is to raise the cub until he is ready to move onto a different zoo involved in the breeding program... or he may just end up staying on Mill Mountain.

Until that time he is getting first class treatment.

"He just travels along with us all the time. He comes with us to the zoo during the day and goes home with us at night," said animal care supervisor, Jessica Fizer.

The zoo staff believes Archibald's mother, Nova, may have been overwhelmed with two cubs and favored his sister.

Normally she bears just one cub per season.