Mild Weather Brings Out the Golfers in Bedford Co.

Bedford Co., VA - The mild weather is a blessing for outdoor businesses like golf courses. Typically, they only see the die-hard golfers this time of year, but Monday was an exception.

At London Downs Golf Club, more than half the members came out to play a round. It's a good day for business. The golf club has one more wish for this winter, though.

Sherri Hall's in town visiting family. She lives in Key West, Florida, and brought the nice weather with her.

"As soon as I saw the extended forecast, I said, 'Get a tee time. We are playing golf while I'm home,'" said Hall.

Over on the range, Ragan Rudisill's perfecting his swing.

"Being 70 degrees out here, it really helps being able to be relaxed and warm and loose and stuff," said Rudisill.

"I remember some warm Decembers, but not this warm," said John Cooper, GM, London Downs Golf Club.

John Cooper runs London Downs. He sent 110 groups out on the course and loves seeing it busy. The warm weather isn't necessarily a good thing, however.

"But, we also need rain. As you can tell, our lake's down, and we can't remember a December that the lake never fills back up. This is one of the first ones we had of that," said Cooper.

Cooper says last winter was dry too. Rainfall is 10 inches below where they'd like it.

The mild weather also keeps maintenance crews busy. The hope is a mild season will let them continue the paving project in the coming weeks. For Rudisill, he's focused on the here and now, and getting back to his game.

"I'll be out here tomorrow too," said Rudisill.

For the London Downs Golf Course, this is the driest winter they've ever seen in the course's 21 years.