Mike Huckabee & Ken Cuccinelli Rally Supporters in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli was in Lynchburg Saturday evening with a big-name conservative.

Fox News host Mike Huckabee rallied for the Attorney General at the Liberty Mountain Conference Center.

"Thank you very much, Ken Cuccinelli!"

With that, Huckabee got the crowd excited for who they hope will be Virginia's next Governor.

The former presidential candidate and Arkansas governor was in Lynchburg to get supporters fired up. With two-and-a-half weeks to go, recent polls show Cuccinelli is trailing Democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe.

The latest NBC/Marist poll puts McAuliffe up eight points with 46 % to Cuccinelli's 38 % Libertarian Robert Sarvis has 9 %.

"We're pushing in these last two and half weeks to turn our people out," said Cuccinelli from the podium.

He says he's not worried about the poll numbers. Instead, he wants to focus on boosting voter turnout.

"That makes it all the more important for me to talk to as many people in person. And for the volunteers at this rally to talk to as many people in person as possible."

Cuccinelli also wants to make sure supporters know where he stands. Huckabee noted the candidate was the first of 27 attorneys general to challenge the constitutionality of President Obama's Health Care Reform.

"And guess where it would have never happened had it not's Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia. His courage. His leadership," said Huckabee.

The two also talked about Cuccinelli's support of the coal industry.

Huckabee said he met Cuccinelli four years ago when he was running for Attorney General, and he knew right away he had potential to be a governor.

Before the rally, Huckabee and Cuccinelli were at Liberty's homecoming game.

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