Mentorship Organization Expands to Halifax County Middle School

Halifax Co.,VA-- An organization whose mission is to develop young people into great citizens has seen a lot of growth recently.

Halifax County's Mentor Role Model Incorporated started 22 years ago. Recently they've revamped and are expanding. They're now partnering with Halifax County Middle School and will be mentoring some students during school hours.

The executive director said there's great need for this in the area, and they're glad to help.

"Get the children that are in need, identify the ones that are in need, and find them the help that they need," said Angela Yancey, Executive Director of Role Model Inc.

That's the main goal of a Halifax County non-profit organization, called Mentor Role Model. The organization is volunteer based, and adult mentors build relationships with children in the community.

"We can teach them to love themselves enough that they will make good decision for themselves," said Yancey.

The organization was started by school teacher and principals that saw a great need of children that needed positive influences. Over the years, the program fell by the wayside. However, in March Yancey revitalized it, and it already has around 50 children involved.

"We get referrals from the school system, and the parent agrees and we try to match them with a mentor, if not, we do mentor workshops," said Yancey.

Now they will be mentoring some Halifax County Middle School students who are on the brink of getting suspended. They're calling it Prevention Before Suspension.

"The teacher's they have identified there is a need," said Yancey. "I'm hoping to look back on statistics a year from today and see that we were able to reduce some of the negative statistics that are in our school."

Mentor Role Model is in great need of some mentors and volunteers. If you're interested in helping out, call them at 434- 575-3011, or email them at