Mental Health and Gun Control

Lynchburg, VA - In both the Newtown, Connecticut shooting and Virginia Tech in 2007, the shooter's mental state got a lot of attention. But, since Tech, there's been little talk in Richmond about mental health and the role it plays, if any, in these shootings.

ABC 13 spoke with Delegate Scott Garrett, a legislator and medical doctor. He says, there's whispering of new gun legislation in Richmond - there is about every session - but nothing specifically targeting the mentally ill.

Lumping the mentally ill in to a single group is a challenge, Garrett says. Schizophrenia, antisocial disorder, bipolar disorder are all very different.

He doesn't know of any legislation introduced in the past or coming down the pipe looking at mental illness and gun control. Instead, when it comes to the mentally ill, legislators have focused on services provided by training centers and community services.

"We simply can't legislate those issues, and we simply can't discriminate in any sense against someone simply because they have an intellectual challenge," said Delegate Garrett.

Garrett also says it comes back to families teaching kids right from wrong.