Meningitis Patient From Salem Files Suit

Salem, VA - A Salem man who contracted fungal meningitis in the nationwide outbreak is suing the company responsible for making that drug.

Basil Proffitt, 80, filed the suit Wednesday morning in Roanoke City Circuit Court. He is seeking $5 million in damages.

Proffitt got that tainted steroid injection from a Roanoke clinic.

This lawsuit represents the latest action against the New England Compounding Center over that bad batch of steroids that has now killed 19 people nationwide.

Wednesday's lawsuit joins a growing list where victims in at least five states have filed, including two class action lawsuits on behalf of victims in both Minnesota and Michigan.

In the case filed here in Roanoke, the victim claims he became "deathly ill" after receiving a steroid injection for back pain.

Proffitt has since been discharged and is continuing treatment as an outpatient. This comes a day after the disease claimed its second victim here in the Roanoke area.

Nationwide, 247 have been sickened by this outbreak with 19 of those patients dying.

In Virginia, the official number of confirmed cases is at 37.