Meningitis Outbreak Scaring Patients From Danville Center

Danville, VA - The meningitis outbreak really hitting our area is effecting business for local healthcare professionals.

Southside Pain Solutions in Danville says they're getting loads of concerned calls and even cancellations out of fear.

The medical director says he's trying to assure people that what they're using at Southside Pain Solutions did not come from the pharmacy connected to the tainted injections.

Dr. Eduardo Fraifeld has been giving pain management injections for more than 15 years with no major complications. But lately, his patients have been leery of just what might be in those vials.

"One of the first things they ask us is, 'You don't use any of that stuff do you?' And the answer is no, we don't," said Fraifeld.

Many patients backed out of having the spinal injection procedures as news continued to spread about the meningitis-related deaths.

But Fraifeld hopes new information from the FDA will put his patients' fears aside.

"The FDA actually released a list of every customer of that pharmacy and we're not on there."

Until the dust settles on the outbreak, Fraifeld understands that patients will still have some anxiety.

"This situation is just one of the most awful things. My heart goes out to all the people that have suffered this," he said.

To those that want to make sure they are being given the safest treatments available, he says, with any procedure, discuss all of the risks with your doctor and never hesitate to ask questions.

"You have a right to be concerned. You should ask and discuss with your physician - whoever is doing the procedure - and express your concerns," he said.

FDA list does show that Danville Regional Medical Center was one of several hospitals across the state that received medications from the New England facility in question. But DRMC has assured us that no tainted medication is in use.

You can see the list of medical facilities that received medication from the New England facility in question here.