Memorial for Mass Shooting Victims

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Photojournalist: Sally Delta Goin

Appomattox County, VA - More than{}a year later, the Christian community in Appomattox remembered the mass shooting that rocked that community to its core.

Friday, family, friends, and neighbors met to remember the lives lost on a sunny January day last year. The memorial service was at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, but the service was a chance for all faiths to pray under one roof. No matter your religion, Father Jim Gallagher says this anniversary is marked by faith.

Loved ones lost at this home on Snapps Mill Road more than a year ago were not forgotten here at Our Lady of Peace Church.

"Not forget the fallen, not forget those that died," said Father{}Jim Gallagher, Our Lady of Peace priest.

A year anniversary means time has passed, four seasons have come and gone. But for those who suffered, the tears from a year ago cannot go away.

"So, in some ways we're back that way, and in another way, to say we've come this far by faith. Ya know - we're here," said Father Gallagher.

Chelsea Jones lost her good friend Bo Scruggs.

"He always tried to help people. He's one of the kindest people I ever met in my life," said Jones.

Many here can tell similar stories. But for Jones, time has not healed all wounds. It's like it just happened and she feels the same.

A feeling shared by others, but bringing their religions together makes them stronger.

"Bring it to prayer. We are thankful we are together," said Father Gallagher.

"Whether it be Roman Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian or what not because we are all in this together," said Chief{}Deputy Todd Craft, Appomattox Sheriff's Office.

Praying and working together so lives like these don't GE snuffed out so early ever again.

"We are going to be proactive in this community, in other places to prevent violence in our schools, in our homes, our churches - wherever it may be," said Gallagher.

Alleged gunman Christopher Speight is charged with capital murder. A judge found him competent to stand trial last month. A trial date has not been set, but Speight will return to court April 5th.