Meet Rust, The $5,000 Puppy

Lynchburg, VA -{}The Lynchburg Humane Society picked up an extra 5-thousand dollars, thanks to one of their furry friends. 5-month-old Rust is the winner of the ASPCA's photo contest that's part of the Rachel Ray Challenge. Ambur Dickens adopted Rust during the Humane Society's Summer of 1-thousand Lives challenge. Rust's picture was one of more than 400 photos that shelters across the U-S submitted; it collected close to 25-thousand votes. Dickens says she was surprised to see people from other states sharing and liking her picture. She hopes the money will help the Humane Society continue finding homes for the other animals. "It's definitely exciting 'cause I could never give them that kind of gift myself so it's nice to be able to contribute to get them that" said Dickens The Lynchburg Humane Society is still working to win the big Rachael Ray 100-thousand-dollar challenge.