Medicaid Expansion Would Change Roanoke Clinic

Roanoke, VA - If Virginia decides to expand its Medicare program, some organizations in our area are preparing for major changes.

Leaders at the Fralin Free Clinic at the Roanoke Rescue Mission say they are prepared to change how they provide services.

The mission says, if expansion is approved, virtually all of their current clients would qualify for Medicaid.

While they expect to always provide mental, dental, and optometry... medical services would dwindle significantly.

"If the change does go into effect then we will just move and migrate the way it needs. So if we need more case management then we will do more case management," said Helen Ferguson with the Fralin Free Clinic.

A special commission made up of five state delegates and five state senators needs to decide on expansion by the end of the year.

As many as 400,000 Virginians would qualify for the expanded coverage.

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