Meals on Wheels Warns of Possible Scam

Lynchburg, VA - Meals on Wheels says someone's using its respected name to try to scam people out of money.

In the last week, the executive director has received two reports of people going door to door, claiming to be from the organization and asking for money.

She's reminding the public: That's not how they do business.

Meals on Wheels has never gone door to door asking for donations. If someone claiming to be a volunteer comes to your house asking for money, police want to hear about it.

There's still no description of the solicitors, no police report, not even the name of the neighborhoods they're targeting.

But the executive director says they're hurting a mission more than 900 volunteers believe in.

"It's not just Meals on Wheels because tomorrow they could choose another non profit," said Kris Shabestar from the non profit's Lynchburg office.

Jean Yates has volunteered with Meals on Wheels for 12 years, long enough to know how they raise money.

"It's not going door to door and knocking. So don't give them money please," she said.